10 Time-Saving Tips to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

The leaves are turning, and a chill is in the air. If you're like most homeowners, fall also means an opportunity to spruce up your yard and cut down on the work you'll need to do when the weather turns balmy again.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned landscape professional or somebody who just wants their yard to look as good as it can with as little work as possible, everyone can benefit from backyard fall cleanup. A little bit of work in the fall will really pay off when spring rolls around.
 GREEN GUYS offers 10 tips that the professionals use to ensure a successful backyard fall cleanup effort - and to prepare your lawn for Spring.

1. Rake Those Leaves Before Snowfall

Once the snow flies, an unraked layer of leaves can get matted down over the turf and smother it all winter long. Raking or using a mulching mower in the fall helps avoid dead patches in the spring.

2. Feed the Grass

Fertilizing in the fall is the most important feeding. Using a slow-release fertilizer allows the grass to soak up nutrients and - just as important - spend the cool days and nights of autumn recovering from summer heat and stress. And building a healthy, rejuvenated lawn is one of the best ways to protect against heat, cold, drought, insects and other stresses.

3. Weed All About It

Weeding in the fall is probably the most valuable thing you can do to prepare for spring, and it's one that many people overlook.

4. Pick Up the Poop

When the snow melts next spring, the last thing you want to see on your lawn is pet waste. Fall is the perfect time to get out there and clean up Rover's little leftovers. Don't look forward to getting on your hands and knees? Hire GREEN GUYS.

5. Reduce Thatch Build-up with Aeration

A build-up of above ground roots called thatch prevents sunlight, oxygen, moisture and nutrients from getting to the hungry soil below. Heavy use throughout the summer can cause soil to become compacted. Perforating your lawn with small holes helps reduce compaction and let’s water, air and fertilizer get down to the soil, which strengthens the grass plant's root structure.

6. Water Trees and Shrubs

Dehydration during the colder months is an all-too-common cause of tree damage, but it's easily preventable. To sustain them over the long winter, it's important to give trees a drink before putting them to bed. After they go fully dormant - but before the ground freezes - use a soaker hose or root feeder to water them thoroughly.

7. Clean Out The Garden

Fruits and vegetables left in the garden can rot all winter long, and provide a comfy home for insect eggs. Gross? Not as gross as they'll be in the spring. Now is the time to get rid of diseased plants, too, but keep them out of the compost pile so the problem doesn't spread to the rest of your garden next year.

8. Plant Spring Bulbs

Fall is not all about closing up shop. It's also the perfect time to plant spring flowering bulbs like daffodils and tulips. But pay attention to the weather, planting too early can cause bulbs to sprout before winter, and planting them too late can mean their roots don't have enough time to develop before the ground freezes.

9. Give Your Tools a Tune-Up

When it comes time to put away the backyard tools for the season, don't just shove them into the garage or shed. Spend a few minutes wiping them down and removing debris and dirt, then apply a light layer of oil to keep them from rusting over the winter. That way they'll be all set to go again come spring.

10. Winterize Your Irrigation or Sprinkler System

Winterizing (or Blowing-out) your sprinkler system will increase the longevity of your sprinkler system. Living in Colorado means that the winter season brings us beautiful white landscapes and ice formations. It also means that the snow won’t melt for days on end and where the frost level extends below the depth of the installed piping. That also means that you need to take measures to protect your irrigation system from freezing in order to avoid costly repairs in the spring.
Old Man Winter may be on his way, but with a little work now, you can lay the groundwork for a happy, healthy backyard that's ready to thrive next season.


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