4 Things to Consider When Landscaping Your New Home

What's bound to be one of the last things on your mind when you're buying a recently built house? Even if you've been to the property, you may not be considering its landscaping, and you certainly can't go without.

Building new landscaping can be a complicated process, especially in an area with weather extremes like the Northern Colorado Front Range.

Keep in Mind Colorado's Eccentric Seasons

Historically May has provided Colorado with the most snowstorms, and for the last few Winters, January has offered a week of temperate Spring-like weather. Colorado has some strange seasons! Keep this in mind when you're deciding on landscaping.

For instance, if you're considering adding a patio to your home and can add it to either the East, South, or West side of the house, consider how you might want to use the space in that off-season... will you catch the sunlight in the morning or evening? Go with the East or West sides respectively.

Want the best of both worlds? South-facing outdoor living spaces in Colorado can be an excellent choice for year-round enjoyment.


Your New Home's Landscaping Should Be More Than Pretty, It Should Be Functional

Most Longmont landscaping companies will sell you great-looking landscaping... but it takes a true expert to deliver landscaping that's both beautiful and functional.

We believe that your landscaping should represent an extension of your home, not just the icing on top - and that goes for more than just patios and outdoor living spaces. Maybe it's our years of experience maintaining large estate properties where the grounds are as much of the experience as the grand architecture, but we've always believed a home's landscaping to be a little more than window dressing.

Always think about how you will use your outdoor space when you're building your new home's landscaping, and how that should inform your decisions about what to include in your landscaping and outdoor spaces.


And on that note...

Make Sure Your Landscaping Lives in Sync With Your Home... From Outdoors and Indoors

Your landscaping is something that will be seen by more than visitors walking up your steps from the street. In fact, the people who are going to experience your landscaping the most are you and your family - every time you look out the window, or walk outside to get the mail.

Let's say you want to plant a burning bush in your backyard... in the Spring and Summer it will attract bees and butterflies, bringing buzzing life into your outdoor space. In no time at all though, that bush explodes with growth and you suddenly find that your favorite mountain view from the dining room is gone.

Landscaping is often built for your home's curb appeal, it doesn't have to feel like you're "backstage" when you walk out the front door.  As you work with a professional to design your home landscaping, just remember that more than anything else, your landscaping is for you.


Your Landscaping Will Grow For Years, Your Lot Will Not

One thing we've noticed with many of our clients who have purchased a new home and are looking for an initial landscaping build-out is they want to fill their space with as many plants as possible.

We get it-- at the early stages of establishing your home's landscaping, a handful of trees and shrubs and other plants can look sparse. 

But over-crowding your new landscaping means your plants will compete for nutrients and water. For perennials, this can be no problem, but if you are building permanent landscaping with annuals, you'll want to provide them with the best chance to thrive year-after-year.


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