Attracting Butterflies to the Garden: Quick Facts


We will share fact sheet no. 5.504 in the next few posts which discusses more in detail how to plan a garden to attract butterflies. This fact sheet was written by P.A. Opler, Geological Survey, U.S. Department of the Interior; and W.S. Cranshaw, Colorado State University Extension entomologist and professor, bioagricultural sciences and pest management.

Quick Facts...

 Many kinds of butterflies can be found in Colorado. Encourage butterflies by planning a butterfly garden.
  • Butterflies seek out areas with food plants for the caterpillar stage. Adult butterflies also feed on fluids such as nectar from flowers.
  • Butterfly visits increase when environmental needs are met.
  • Gardening practices to attract and retain butterflies often differ from regular gardening practices.
Dozens of butterfly species are commonly found along the Front Range and Eastern Colorado and are a welcome garden addition for many people. Butterflies often appear to be just passing through, occasionally stopping for a drink of nectar. You can prolong the stay of these colorful insects and draw in others by providing the food and shelter they need.

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