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Outdoor Space: June Tip of the Month

Continue planting summer flowing bulbs like cannas, dahlias, and gladioli - if you plant a few gladioli each week in June, you'll have continuous flowers blooming throughout the Summer. Fertilize your annuals and perennials with nitrogen-based fertilizer. Check your drip and lawn irrigation system for damage. Remove any sprinkler heads or emitters that are overwatering […]
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Outdoor Space: May Tip of the Month

Conserve moisture and protect against weeds in planters and beds by spreading mulch around flowers and shrubs. Mow lawn to no-less-than 2" in height, and never remove more than 1/3 of blades. Water all plants, shrubs, trees, and your lawn thoroughly, but infrequently. A week after the average frost in the Front Range (May 8th), […]
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Outdoor Space: April Tip of the Month

April is National Lawn Care Month!  Prepare to reactivate your sprinkler system for the Summer. Aerate and fertilize the lawn. Cut back perennials - except evergreen perennials (plants that stay green all year). Remove dead material all the way to the ground with a sharp pair of scissors. Prepare your soil for gardening (if you're in […]
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Outdoor Space: March Tip of the Month

Check evergreens for browning and deciduous trees and shrubs for buds that have died. If you didn't rake leave or remove old fruit from deciduous trees last fall, do so now. Deep water trees and shrubs as needed this month.
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Outdoor Space: February Tip of the Month

Use dormant oils to control scale or aspen black spot this month. Old, overgrown deciduous shrubs should be thinned before they start to bud out or bloom. Gently brush snow from trees and shrubs after winter storms
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Outdoor Space: January Tip of the Month

Check to make sure mulch is still covering plants exposed to the south and southwest. All trees and shrubs (except maples) should be comprehensively pruned for correction, height, damage, and shape. Deep water trees, shrubs, and roses as need.
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Outdoor Space: December Tips of the Month

As the days shorten, reduce watering of plants. They may become over-watered if you continue to water the same amount as in the late spring, summer, and early fall. The earlier evenings in December are a great reason to add some lighting to landscaping.
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Outdoor Space: November Tips of the Month

Near the end of the month, or when the ground has frozen, mulch young or newly planted trees and shrubs to protect from cold. Purchase spring bulbs for forcing and indoor winter blooming. Cut back perennials planted last year for better blooming in the Spring.
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Outdoor Space: October Tip of the Month

Remove all leaves and other plant material that fell or was pruned during the fall, and put them in a "hot" compost pile or discard. Plant hardy bulbs for Spring blooming. Winterize (blow-out) your irrigation system to avoid damage from freezing during the winter.
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