Container Garden Varieties

Growing vegetables in containers is becoming extremely popular. Container vegetable gardening is a viable solution for small urban lots, patios and balconies. The following space-thrifty varieties thrive in containers.

  • Tomatoes - Any determinate variety will most likely thrive in a container. 'Gold Nugget' is a prolific golden cherry variety with a well-rounded, not too sweet flavor.
  • Squash - Although bush types are well-suited to containers, trellises placed in large containers can be used to grow vining types. 'Honey Bear' is a 2009 All-American Selections Winner.
  • Peppers - Many hot peppers will work well in containers, including the classic 'Jalapeño.' Some newer varieties to try that will also add ornamental interest include the extra hot 'Black Pearl' and the multi-hued 'Riot'. Sweet pepper types including bell, 'Gypsy' and sweet banana also thrive in containers.
  • Greens - Many European and Asian greens are good cool-season choices for containers. Harvest leaves when young for best eating quality. Warm season greens such as beets, New Zealand spinach and chard also do well.
  • Eggplant - Eggplants are warm season vegetables, planted after frost and useful in Mediterranean cooking. The black 'Hansel' and white 'Gretel' are non-bitter selections, suited to containers and great for grilling.
  • Cucumbers - Cucumber vines can be grown in trellised containers or choose compact vine varieties. 'Little Leaf' provides blocky medium-sized fruits on compact multi-branching vines. This variety may be eaten fresh, but is also well-suited to pickling.


These containers are often incorporated into the outdoor living space, so consideration should be given to visual appeal.

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