Dealing With Dog Spots - Part 3 of 3

This is our final segment on urine dog spots and what to do.


What if the affected spots are brown?

If the affected spots are brown (the turf may or may not be dead):
1. Increase irrigation amount and/or frequency to help dilute salts that have accumulated in the soil. This may help still-living turf recover, and will dilute salts in those areas where the turf has been killed (allowing for more effective re-seeding).
2. When turf has been killed, the dead sod and some soil (0.5-1 inch of soil) can be removed. Re-sod the area with new grass.
3. Individual dead/damaged spots can be re-seeded as follows:
  • In a Kentucky bluegrass lawn: Spot seed with Kentucky bluegrass (marginally effective) or perennial ryegrass (more effective). Tall fescue, K31 tall fescue, “dwarf” fescue or annual (Italian) ryegrass should NOT be used for spot-seeding a bluegrass lawn.
  • In a tall fescue lawn: Spot seed with turf-type tall fescue (sometimes called “dwarf” fescue). Perennial ryegrass can also be used, but it has a finer texture and the newly seeded spots will look different from the rest of the lawn. Do NOT use K31 fescue or annual (Italian) ryegrass for spot-seeding a tall fescue lawn.
  • Fine fescue lawns: Seed with fine fescue seed. The use of perennial ryegrass or tall fescue is NOT recommended, as the spots will have a different color, texture and growth rate.
  • Zoysiagrass and bermudagrass lawns: Patch using sod from a sod farm, or by transplanting sod from an inconspicuous area of same the lawn.
Consult your veterinarian before supplementing a pet’s diet with any product or food additive claiming to reduce dog spots in lawns. Similarly, no “spray on” product for lawns, claiming to prevent or “cure” dog spots, has been scientifically proven to be effective.
Source: ColoradoStateUniversity Extension for this information (December 2010 - Fact Sheet #553).

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