Fall Checklist

Other than the obvious lawn chores that Fall brings, there’s a lot to do to prepare your yard for the Winter. Before the first frost, make sure your yard is ready with this Fall Lawn Care checklist from Green Guys:

Sprinkler Winterization

Winterizing your sprinklers is one of the most important things to remember in the Fall! Missing this crucial step in preparing for Winter could cause hundreds or thousands of dollars in damages to your irrigation system. We offer inexpensive Sprinkler Blow-Out services to our customers that are quick and essential.


Fertilization in the Fall is about setting up your yard for the Spring. We use a premium slow-release granular fertilizer that will spread through your soil for balanced growth. This slower release creates a steadier and healthier growth pattern, unlike the quick rush and run-off of most liquid fertilizers.


During the fall, aeration works to allow for fertilizer, water and air to reach deep into your lawn’s root structure. As winter comes, your recently aerated lawn will further facilitate the break up of soil as the cold causes the soil to move as it freezes. While we can aerate whenever you want, fall is the best time to maximize the intended results.


It is important to keep small trees and shrubs under control and prepare them for dormancy. Pruning allows the plants to grow strong, but not get overgrown. There are a lot of factors when it comes to proper pruning, not just making things look trimmed and shaped. We ensure best practices are always used in pruning to create a healthy growing environment.

Leaf REmoval

During the Fall, leaves fall continuously. Some trees shed their leaves while others are just starting to turn color. We can make repeated trips to your property to get both the early birds and late-comers.


Fall can be a good time to lay sod if the summer was a hot one. We will prep your yard, tilling the soil deep enough, apply a double application of fertilizer, and lay sod using the best practices to ensure a thriving lawn. Green Guys owner JJ Doke has extensive experience with sod and turf grass and employs that experience when working on your lawn. When having something this important done, it is essential to have it done right by an experienced crew.

Plan For the Snow

Green Guys provides estate and commercial snow and ice removal services for sidewalks, driveways and parking lots.

See The Colorado Nursery and Gardening Association’s Year-Round Yard Work List