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Annual Fertilizer and Sulfur Application: A unique balanced granular golf course blended slow-release fertilizer that feeds up to 8 weeks for all turf areas spread and sidewalks blown clean to promote green healthy Colorado turfgrass. Remember, a healthy, thicker, more dense turf that maintains a deep green color saves water and reduces the risk of weeds and disease. Well fertilized lawns can encourage a deeper root system, healthier eco-system of micro-organisms, earthworms, praying mantises, lady bugs and other garden-dwellers that feast on pests and unwanted insects. Healthy lawns increase home value, and your neighbors will appreciate your healthy lawn. Applications are applied the first week of April, June, August and October weather permitting. Our annual program consists of:

  • April application is a well-balanced spring wake up maintenance feed fertilizer that helps grass grow in thicker, healthier, greener and encourages denser shoots. Turf recuperative powers from winter stress, wear and usage from activities are strongest with fertilizer.
  • June application is an early summer boost to maintain growth and peak performance.
  • August application is a late summer fertilizer that helps strengthen cell walls, which helps grass resist and recuperate from drought, disease, fungus, wear from foot traffic and extreme weather conditions.
  • October application is a winterize maintenance feed fertilizer that promotes healthier turf before winter and stimulates growth encouraging the establishment of healthy roots, earlier spring green up without excessive top growth. Fall fertilization produces dense green spring lawns.
  • October sulfur application encourages lush, green grass color by unlocking the inaccessible nutrients from the soil so grass roots can absorb them while helping with root development. Sulfur is the fourth macro-nutrient needed. It elevates carbohydrate reserves and reduces susceptibility to common lawn diseases. Sulfur allows turf grass to reach its greenest potential and is also a natural pest/insect control that promotes green healthy Colorado turf grass.

* All our fertilizers and sulfur applications are feed only, children and pet friendly.

The investment for most residential yards in Longmont city limits up to 2,000 square feet is $90 per fertilizer application and $72 for October sulfur application if done in conjunction with October fertilizer application. Larger yards at a surcharge. Contact us for a rate.

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Apart from the visual advantages, a strong and adequately nourished turf functions as a water-conserving strategy by fostering a denser, thicker grass coverage. This not only improves the overall health and durability of the lawn but also functions as an inherent defense mechanism against the growth of weeds and the onset of diseases.

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