First Hybrid Bluegrass 'Reveille'

The first hybrid bluegrass, ‘Reveille’, was developed by Texas A&M University in 1999.


The first hybrid bluegrass, ‘Reveille’ is a mix of Kentucky Bluegrass and Texas Bluegrass.
Texas X Kentucky Hybrid Bluegrasses showed an improved seed germination, excellent heat tolerance, active summer growth and good turf quality.
Hybrid Bluegrass Heat Tolerance Study conducted by Kansas State University revealed:
  • “Thermal Blue‟ remained green after 14 days at 104 F day/86 F night;
  • “Dynasty‟ tall fescue became dormant;
  • “Apollo‟ Kentucky Bluegrass became half dormant.
Heat tolerance and drought resistance are not the same thing!
Hybrid Bluegrass Varieties: Gardner Turfgrass & Reveille (The Scotts Company)
Thermal Blue: Solar Green, Thermal Blue Blaze, DuraBlue (Seed Research of Oregon), Bandera, Spitfire (Turf-Seed Inc.) & Longhorn
Others: Fire and Ice, Fahrenheit 90
Hybrid Bluegrass Management
  • Mowing: 1.5-3 inches (or even lower!)
  • Fertilization: Performs well at low (1-2 lbs/yr), but can be maintained under high fertility for heavy-use fields (3-5 lbs. N/year)
  • Irrigation: Good drought resistance and lower Evapotranspiration may save water with low-traffic turf, but ample irrigation is likely required under heavy use.
  • Cultivation: Standard, as for other species and turf use situations
  • Pest Management: Billbugs may be a concern. Disease should not be a problem in Colorado but wait and see as use increases.
Source: Tony Koski, ExtensionTurfSpecialistColoradoStateUniversity, ProGreen Expo, January 24, 2008

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