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Welcome to Green Guys, where we infuse the rich history and vibrant community spirit of Frederick, Colorado, into every landscape project we undertake. Frederick, with its picturesque backdrop of mountains and its commitment to community and heritage, symbolizes growth, unity, and the importance of building on what matters. It's here, amidst the town's annual Miner Day Festival and under the watchful gaze of the symbolic gas lamp against the mountain, that your property too can tell a story—one of beauty, functionality, and sustainability.

At Green Guys, we are dedicated to transforming your outdoor spaces into extensions of Frederick’s cherished values and natural beauty. Whether it’s a serene garden that echoes the town's motto, “build on what matters,” with native plants and flowers adding bursts of color and life, or a cozy fire pit area for gathering with loved ones, we bring your vision to vibrant life.

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Tailored Services for Frederick CO,


  • Residential Landscaping: Create a personal retreat that pays homage to Frederick’s legacy. Our tailored residential landscaping services ensure your home reflects the beauty and unity of the community, from block retaining walls adorned with native flora to elegant outdoor living areas for relaxation and entertainment.


  • Commercial Landscaping: Stand out in Frederick’s bustling business environment with a commercial landscape that speaks volumes about your brand’s quality and ethos. From welcoming entrances to eco-friendly garden spaces, we design commercial landscapes that attract and inspire.


  • Sprinkler Installation & Irrigation Solutions: Efficient water management is key in Colorado’s climate. Our sprinkler and irrigation services ensure your landscape remains lush and vibrant, conserving water and saving on costs, all while supporting Frederick’s environmental values.


Our Promise: Building on What Matters to You

With over 35 years in the green industry, Green Guys is not just a landscaping company; we’re your partners in creating spaces that resonate with Frederick’s community spirit and natural beauty. Our commitment to excellence, personalized care, and open communication is the foundation of the strong, lasting relationships we build with our clients. We strive to transform your outdoor spaces into areas that not only reflect your desires and needs but also enhance the collective beauty of the Frederick community.

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Are you ready to bring your landscape dreams to life in Frederick, Colorado? Let Green Guys be your guide. Our passion for design, attention to detail, and dedication to your satisfaction means we’re not just working on landscapes; we’re crafting enduring spaces that bring people together and celebrate the community spirit of Frederick.

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