Goodbye Petunias, Hello Pansies!

Petunias are getting less perky as they head into the down side of the growing season. Read this ALCC Tip giving great ideas on how to spruce up your landscape with color.


With fall in the air, it's time to think about replacing them with something more seasonal.  Fortunately, there are many colorful plants that can get us in the mood for Halloween and the pumpkin season.
Start with pansies.  New this year is a variety of pansy called PlentiFALL.  It is available in assorted colors and because of its trailing growth, it's perfect to cascade out of containers.  Pansies are always a good choice because you get a lot of value for your dollar--they will come back for three seasons!
 PlentiFULL Pansies

 Combos of black and orange pansies will be popular again this year.  This color scheme says "Halloween" and it can be planted in both beds and containers for eye-catching seasonal color.  When you're hollowing out pumpkins right before Halloween, plant some of these pansies in a shell for the front porch--or even a centerpiece indoors.  Bear in mind that pumpkin-shell "pots" will only be good for about a week as they quickly decline after being hollowed out.Pansy 2Pansy 3


Other plant choices for fall interest include a variety of non-flowering plants:
·         Sedum in different sizes and shapes offer interesting foliage and texture amid the more showy blooming plants.
·         Ornamental kale is another favorite because it works well as a mounding plant in containers.  Plant it in pots between groups of spill-over Plenti-fall petunias.
·         Grasses because of their color and shapes that remind us of fall grains are especially effective to create autumn ambience.  They add interest in planting beds--and are very effective as the tall focal point in containers.
When adding new fall plants to beds or containers, be sure to give them adequate water right after planting.  During the late days of summer and early fall, plants generally need less water as night-time temperatures get cooler and day-time highs are less intense.  To conserve water and give the best care for your plants, monitor the soil condition and add water only when the soil begins to dry.

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