How Much Can New Landscaping Increase Your Home Value?

Many homeowners ask us how much improved landscaping will actually raise their home value. With the seller’s market here in the Front Range, we imagine it’s something on everyone’s mind who might be considering selling their home.

It’s an important question, and one that we take very seriously. We think professional landscaping adds value at nearly every stage of the home-selling process.

Curb Appeal

Your home and yard looking top-notch can set you apart in your neighborhood, and communicate that yours is a neighborhood of people who care for their homes. This kind of attention will raise the value of all homes selling your area – which we’re sure there are plenty!

This curb appeal helps out when you or your realtor are hosting an open house as well! Your front yard landscaping will be the first impression that prospective buyers have on the home, and they’ll likely find curb appeal important too! After all, what new homeowner wants to spend time and money redoing all the landscaping instead of unpacking and enjoying their new home?

Outdoor Living Spaces Expand Your Home Size

While you can’t list it as finished square feet in your home, your outdoor living space will be a big selling point for buyers. In an outdoors-loving state like Colorado, a professionally crafted natural stone patio, fire pit, or other in-demand landscaping feature will add value where many homeowners only have a slab of concrete or a patch of grass and weeds.

If you’ve wondered what a little more “oomph” to your landscaping might be like, consider making some upgrades before you sell.

Anecdotally, some invests in landscaping can net a 1000% percent return. We don’t think that’s necessarily accurate, but that article does mention a great rule of thumb for improving your landscaping to up your home’s value: invest about 10% of the value of your home in your landscaping.

Statistics range, but many estimate you'll see anywhere from a 5% to a 20% increase your home value.

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