Last Call! April Fertilizer Application Service Will Be Done This Week

Remember that unless you fertilized your lawn during the fall season, your grass is needing some TLC and definitely some food. Weed control is very important at this time of year to prevent unwanted and nuisance plants throughout the rest of the year. A fertilizer application in April is very beneficial especially if one was not done in the fall. Think of a bear after hibernation- it wakes up hungry, and so does your grass. Choosing the proper fertilizer is not an easy decision to make. Green Guys uses a premium slow release solid fertilizer perfectly balances for this area. Slow release is important, otherwise you can stress your lawn with rapid growth. Green Guys follows CSU's guidelines for this region and offers fertilization services five times per year, April, May, June, September and October. Green Guys performs this service the first week of the April, May, June, September and October. We offer discounted packages to meet your individual needs.


Important note: We will provide the April application service to our Front Range customers this Saturday, April 6, 2013. If you haven't contacted us yet to get on the fertilizer route, please do so no later than April 4, 2013 either by calling 303-775-7412 or emailing



Thank you for trusting Green Guys in beautifying your surroundings and making your outdoor living more pleasant and fun.


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