Maintain Your Lawn With Battery-Powered Equipment

Another great tip from the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.


Would you like never again to fill your lawnmower up with gas? If so, your day has come.
There are now reliable alternatives to the traditional gas-powered lawnmowers and other yard maintenance equipment. With the cost of gas rising and more of us concerned about reducing emissions, the timing is right for these greener machines to hit the market.
Well-known manufacturers like Toro, Green Works, Black & Decker and Stihl have all introduced battery-operated lawnmowers. Other battery-powered yard tools like trimmers, blowers and hedge trimmers are also available.
In addition to no emissions and quieter operation, these products are very user-friendly because they take little to no maintenance. There's no more changing the oil or replacing spark plugs and air filter. And there's never a worry about gas getting stale and damaging the carburetor. When you add up the cost savings on maintenance alone over the life time of the equipment, battery powered is very cost effective. When you add up the time you save by not doing these maintenance chores, battery powered is time productive.
Battery-powered mowers must stay plugged in to a charger to maintain their charge. The length of that charge, however, is the only real downside to battery powered equipment.
Once charged, most mowers will run long enough to mow the lawn on a quarter-acre lot. But when the battery loses its charge, you'll either have to use a back-up battery to continue mowing or wait for it to recharge overnight. If you can work within those parameters, you are good to go.
With several manufacturers now selling this equipment, there are options to choose from. Some mowers are mulching mowers. Some are self-propelled and some are push mowers--meaning the operator has to push the machine. At least one manufacturer has a reel mower that is like the old fashioned, human-powered push mower-- only this one is self-propelled.
Other traditional maintenance equipment like blowers, hedge trimmers and grass trimmers also come in gas-free models. They typically use either lithium-ion batteries which are light-weight and hold a charge well or NiCad batteries which tend to perform best in extreme temperatures--either hot or cold. It's good to know all the battery pros and cons based on your own needs when you buy the equipment. There's one more plus to these battery-powered models. Early Saturday morning when you're out mowing the lawn with a quiet machine, the neighbors will love you!
Source: Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado

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