March 22nd is World Water Day. Here's How to Conserve in 2018

March 22nd is World Water Day, and though we’ve been having wetter weather the last couple of years, we should all be thinking about conservation. When we use less, it costs less.. to us in dollars for the water and the infrastructure to deliver it, to the infrastructure itself, and to the environment. Using less water means polluting less water, air, and nature.

In this day and age, there are many things you can do to conserve water, especially in your lawn, garden, and landscaping. Here are just a few tips:

Smart Sprinklers Only Water When They Need To

Sprinklers of one of the newer tools to be made “smart,” and the upgrade could cut down your water usage substantially.

Using either precipitation sensors at your location, or by connecting to a nearby weather station, some of these devices are clued in to just how much rain you’ve had recently, and adjust their output to make sure your lawn and landscaping gets just the right amount of water.

Rain Barrels Have Been Legalized

For decades, Colorado residents were prohibited from collecting one of the most valuable natural resources for their lawn and gardens: rainwater. Recently, however, a law from the 1850’s was overturned, we are now allowed to collect up to 110 gallons of rainwater in one or two barrels to be used for lawns and gardens.

There are guides online on how to install a rain barrel, as well as the best methods to create a raised platform to increase water pressure and make it easier to fill a watering can from the barrel.

You May Be Losing Water To Leaks

One of the biggest ways to drive up your water usage and cost is a cracked, leaky line in your sprinkler system. This kind of problem will have you wasting water, and may not even affect the performance of your sprinkler! You should have your sprinkler system inspected every year for damage, even if you've had it correctly winterized and blown out for years.

Schedule an inspection with a sprinkler specialist, and they will check for leaks, and can discuss some upgrades to your current sprinkler system.

Green Guys have installed, repaired, and maintained thousands of sprinkler systems in the Front Range. Call them today to find your sprinkler solution to save more water!

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