Plan For Your Spring and Summer Landscaping

It’s been warm and sunny this Spring, bringing many of us Coloradans out into our backyards for barbecues and lazy afternoons.

Now is the perfect time of year to start planning improvements and renovations to your landscaping. Trees and plants are dormant, giving you a perspective on your space that you can’t quite get in the leafy green sunshine of summer. Head out into the yard with pen and paper, and we'll help you get ready to plan your landscape renovations.

What Do You Want Out of Your Landscape Renovations?

Before you call any landscaping professional, you should take some time to consider what you want out of your landscaping. Curb appeal? Somewhere to garden? A place to relax and entertain? An increase in your home’s value? All of the above? Make a quick list of what your dream landscaping would accomplish and provide for you. Keep these things in mind as you brainstorm and record more landscaping ideas.

What Do You Like About Your Current Landscaping?

Consider this: your favorite feature of your landscaping may already be in place. As you spend time in the yard, thinking about what would make your dream landscaping, try to think of how your yard will appear in the Summer. What are your favorite parts of the yard? Is it a flower bed or a tree? Where do you like to spend your time?

Keep note of your favorite elements of your landscaping, and when you’re ready to talk to a landscape renovation professional, discuss these features with them – they may have some great ideas on how to incorporate them into a new design.

Find Landscaping Inspiration

Landscaping is an ever-evolving craft, and each year landscapers find new ways to bring nature into our backyards. There are plenty of places on the internet - like Pinterest, Instagram, and galleries on landscaping websites - to find inspiration for landscaping. Take note of some of the things you see that you like, and bring those ideas when you meet with your landscaping company.

There's so much you can do with your landscaping these days. 

We know it can get overwhelming, but we hope these tips will help you to plan your dream landscaping renovations.

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