Q&A: Good Front Landscaping - Give Your Property Curb Appeal

Have you wondered where to begin to give or increase your curb appeal, hence increase your property value?


Front lawns are usually the first part of any property that is noticed by guests. It is for this reason that homeowners pay special attention to the landscaping in the area. Good front landscaping often attracts and interests guests while enhancing property value; however, improper landscaping can overshadow the natural beauty of a home.
Q: How should I begin a landscaping project?
A: Determine the goals you have in mind for your property and consider your desired financial investment and ability to carry out the project.
Q: What should I do before starting the design?
A: Check the local laws and codes to make sure that the landscaping you plan to install does not require any special permits or licenses.
Q: What features are commonly used in good front landscaping?
A: Many different features are used in front landscaping, some of which are fountains, ponds, rock gardens, flower gardens, trees and shrubs.
Q: What are the different types of water features that I can install in my
front lawn?
A: Some of the most common water features used in landscaping arefountains, pools, ponds and streams.
Q: What are the benefits of using trees in my landscaping design?
A: Trees often add shade, pleasant scents, and fruit trees provide fresh fruit when they are in season.
Q: How difficult is it to maintain a water feature?
A: Some water features are more difficult to operate and maintain than others; fountains require little-to-no maintenance, while ponds and pools need constant monitoring.
Q: What are the benefits of a rock garden?
A: Rock gardens are excellent ways for homeowners to express themselves in an artistic way; the gardens remain in the design intended by the designer.
Q: How can I develop a color scheme in my front landscaping?
A: A color scheme is developed by involving every aspect of the landscaping design. Choosing flowers, trees, shrubs and features that match in color is an excellent strategy.
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