Recycle Nutrients Using Grass Clippings

Learn why grass cliping are excellent to recycle nutrients. This article was written by the Rocky Mountain Sod Growers Association.


Proper lawn care requires regular mowing and produces large quantities of heavy grass clippings. Disposal is inconvenient and expensive and takes up space in landfills. An alternative is to leave clippings on the lawn, which saves labor and promotes a healthy lawn.
Quick Facts....
  • One thousand square feet of bluegrass lawn generates about 200 pounds of clippings annually; 75 percent or 150 pounds of this is water.
  • Leave clippings on the lawn for healthier grass.
  • Clippings break down quickly and encourage beneficial microorganisms and earthworms.
  • Nutrients in the clippings are recycled into the lawn, promoting steady grass growth.
  • Clippings left on the lawn means no bagging and hauling, saving both human and fuel energy.

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