Spring Checklist

If you’ve been dreaming of upgrading your yard with an outdoor living space or want to develop more landscaping, our design and build services might be a match for you.

Sprinkler Activation

Spring means it’s time to water the lawn again – time to turn your sprinkler back on! We’ll activate and program your sprinkler system, checking your sprinkler heads to make sure your lawn and planters are receiving proper water coverage.

The winter can cause problems for sprinkler systems, including breaks in pipes and head. The Spring is the best time of year to assess your systems, including checking connections, seals, pipes, water angle, and reach. We’ll check every zone to get you set for success for the whole year.


In the springtime a lawn’s natural instincts is wake from its winter dormancy to become dense and green. Consistent mowing will help the grass to achieve this and give it strong base for healthy growth through the summer. When mowing, we trim around sidewalks, driveways, garden beds, trees, and blow clean any grass clippings. Once a month, we edge sidewalks and driveways. Green Guys provides mowing services only to estate homes, HOA, and commercial properties.

Spring Clean up

This is the time to establish ideal growing conditions by pruning shrubs, ornamental grasses, and bushes, cleaning up leaves and pine needles left over from the winter season.


The fall is the best time of year to fertilize your lawn, but spring is a close second. We use a premium, slow-release solid fertilizer for best results. It is not a liquid fertilizer which causes a rush of growth followed by a quick run off, rather the solid fertilizer we use is slow release which causes an even supplemental release. This results in a steady and healthier growth.

Weed control

We prevent weeds from germinating in areas that have collected dormant weed seeds from the past season. Doing this early prevents the growth of these nuisance plants throughout the year.


Green Guys offers planting services for a variety of flowering plants for your front yard and backyard flower beds. We prepare the soil, clean up the flower beds and plant the new annuals, perennials, and/or decorative ornamental grasses.

See The Colorado Nursery and Gardening Association’s Year-Round Yard Work List