Spring Seasons Begins in March: Which Vegetables Should You Plant First?


Yes, the snow is melting and signs of spring indicate that it is time to start planning your spring garden.


First and foremost, you will need to plan your vegetable garden. Visualize your design and put it on paper. Create a grid (square garden) or a large circle divided into wedged (circular garden) so that each vegetable will have its own area to grow. Plan what vegetables you want to include in your garden, what quantity and what is needed to help the plant(s) thrive. Now, visit your neighborhood garden center or home improvement store to purchase the materials and tools needed to start your project, and if needed, gather additional information.
Need ideas? Herein after are a few suggestions.
  • Peas:  This vegetable can be planted while the weather is still cold, or even in the snow. Peas will flourish in the springtime and usually mature approximately 60 days after planting.
  • Leaf lettuce: it is easier to grow than head lettuce. Once the soil is worked, has enough compost and fertilizer, plant your lettuce and make sure to keep the soil moist but allow adequate drainage.
  • Potatoes: to make for a wonderful crop, plant potatoes as early as two weeks before the last winter frost.
  • Carrots: just like potatoes, this vegetable should be planted as early as possible. To allow for the healthiest product, make sure the soil is evenly moist to allow for the healthiest produce.
  • Spinach: this vegetable needs a lot of plant food to produce the healthiest and tastiest produce.
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