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Efficient Irrigation Solutions

When you find it’s time to change or add sprinkler heads and rotors to your irrigation system, Green Guys can help. Whether you’re supplementing a current system to reach new planters, or want to relocate sprinklers for more even watering, we can help create the best possible solution.

We’ll help you to decide on the best location and method to add sprinklers to your system, drawing on our years of sprinkler installation experience. We carefully calibrate every sprinkler system or add-on sprinkler fixture to meet industry standards for optimal reach and lawn saturation.

We have installed more than 1,500 sprinkler systems and are knowledgeable about all the requirements for a healthy grass and garden in Colorado.

Is your sprinkler system providing your yard, garden beds, flower beds, plantings with the best care possible? Adding more sprinklers to your system can help you expand and improve it.

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What Our Customers Say

They exceeded my expectations in quality and speed of the project. JJ and his crew were easy to work with, helpful with tons of expert advice on materials, friendly and professional. Their rates are more than fair. I would recommend them highly.
Layna Melvin