Is Your Sprinkler System Running in the Rain?

Colorado has had its share of stormy days and much rain in the last few weeks. Was your sprinkler system watering during or right after a storm? If it was, you threw money down the drain.

There is a solution to avoid this waste of money? Install a moisture sensor, rain shut-off device or a timer. It is a quick add-on to your sprinkler system.
What do these devices do?   Simple… they either shut off the system right after a big rain or constantly monitor weather and/or moisture data in the ground to tell the sprinkler system to run only when it needs to. Also, think about replacing your traditional timer with a more sophisticated and high-tech one to manage your lawn and your water effectively.
How much does it cost? It will depend on the device you choose. Call us or email us for more information. One thing is for sure, it will pay itself in no time with the water you save and even possibly a rebate from your water district.

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