Living in Colorado means that frost level extends below the depth of the installed piping. Protect your irrigation system from freezing in order to avoid costly repairs in the spring.

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Spring Sprinkler Start-up


Sprinkler Activation – or sprinkler start up – prepares a winterized sprinkler to be used again in the Spring. At its basics, a sprinkler start up is as simple as turning the water to your sprinkler system back on... in reality it’s much more involved.

Your irrigation system should be activated when the risk of freeze damage to exposed plumbing has passed, and by request from a homeowner (no rentals). All zones will be tested, and head adjustment checked for proper coverage at time of activation. Controller timer will be adjusted and set as needed at the time of startup to achieve uniform color throughout turf area. Extreme care will always be taken to achieve the highest irrigation efficiency with lowest water cost possible. If needed, repairs and head adjustments are completed and billed separately.

The investment for a sprinkler start up activation up to eight (8) zones within city limits of Longmont is $95. Add $30 for other service areas. Add $10 for homes with crawl space access. Larger systems at a $7 per zone surcharge.

Sprinkler start up service is scheduled when you feel there is no longer a risk of freezing or earlier if you are familiar with the quick drain procedure in the event of a late freeze.

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Sprinkler systems need to be protected during Colorado winters from freezing and cracking. Whenever an underground irrigation system is used, some amount of water is always left over in the pipes or sprinkler heads... even if you drain your system for the winter!

This becomes a real problem when temperatures drop – and stay – below freezing. When the leftover water in your sprinkler system freezes and expands you can expect cracked pipes, broken sprinkler heads, and a big price tag to replace all broken parts...

Therefore, an irrigation system should be deactivated before exposed plumbing is at risk of freeze damage. At that time, the system will be shut off, drained, and all lines blown out with a high volume low pressure tow-behind air compressor. Controller timer will be shut off, as well.

Green Guys provides this service throughout the month of October, seven days a week and serves by city routes. Homeowners (no rentals) should request services for their chosen day early on as our schedule fills up quickly. Additional fees may apply outside the month of October.

The investment for a Sprinkler Winterization or Blow Out up to eight (8) zones within city limits of Longmont is $95. Additional $30 surcharge for other service areas. Additional surcharge of $10 for homes that require crawl space access. Larger systems at a $7 per zone surcharge.

A word of caution: beware when you contract the winterization of your sprinkler! Be sure it is done with a large air compressor, like a tow-behind. Smaller compressors can leave water behind, resulting in expensive repairs come the Spring season. Remember that if you choose not to winterize your sprinkler system, you also choose to increase its wear and tear.

Before the temperatures reach freezing, winterize with a sprinkler blow out to avoid costly repairs and replacements.

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