Summer Checklist

The Summer is the best time of year to enjoy your yard, and a great time to make renovations. Warm temperatures and consistent water will require more frequent mowing in the heat of summer.


Now is the time to assess options for improvements in trees, shrubs, plants and decorative ornamental grasses. We can make recommendations and provide free estimates on updating your landscape. Perhaps it is time to add a new ground cover or to plant a row of bushes to start a hedge. Clients sometimes want to start fresh with a new lawn as opposed to nursing a neglected one back to health. Sometimes this is in anticipation of an important event later on in the summer. We can prep your yard and lay sod using the best practices which ensure a thriving lawn. Owner JJ Doke has extensive experience with sod and turf grass and employs that experience into your lawn. When having something this important done, it is essential to have it done right by an experienced crew.

General Landscaping

We specialize in stone paver walkways and patios, planter beds, fire pits, retaining walls, water features and fencing. We also offer custom outdoor kitchens to those who spend more time outdoors than indoors. We offer a wide range of landscaping services.


We offer a seasonal fertilizer program where your lawn gets just what it needs at the right time. There is no over-application of fertilizer nutrients here either. Also notable, Owner JJ Doke uses a high grade version of fertilizer which is unbeatable. Other places use high amounts of low grade doses of fertilizer which in the long run can actually impair proper growth of your lawn.

Sprinkler inspection and repair

Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems wear down over time. Temperature changes, material degradation, filter and gasket breakdown and above ground factors all cause this wear down. It is better to keep things up to date and like your own health, practice preventative maintenance as opposed to waiting for the whole system to falter and require complete replacement. With seasonal inspection and repair, you should never be caught off guard with a huge irrigation system problem.


During the springtime we promote the natural instincts of the lawn to become enlivened, dense and green through proper mowing techniques. We do edging and clean up all clippings after each mowing. Green guys offers mowing services to estate homes, HOA, and commercial properties only.

WEed Control

Hate weeds? No problem, we pull weeds and eliminate nuisance plants that don’t belong to keep your property looking manicured. Look at any property we maintain and try to find a weed infestation problem, it’s impossible.

See The Colorado Nursery and Gardening Association’s Year-Round Yard Work List