Urban Legend 3: Dog Spots Occur Because Urine is Alkaline. True or False?

Is there a relation between dog spots and their urine being alkaline?


• Dog spots occur because urine is alkaline (has a pH above 7.0).
FALSE. Dog spots occur because a high concentration of N and salts has been deposited in a very small area of the lawn. In some cases, the added N causes dark green spots and rapid grass growth, without injuring the grass. In other cases, the result is a brown spot – often surrounded by a halo of dark green grass. The browning is caused by the concentrated nitrogen deposited in the center, which burns the leaf tissue, and may or may not cause tissue death. The lower concentration of salts on the periphery fertilizes the grass – resulting in a darker green ring. 553-2
Source: ColoradoStateUniversity Extension for this information (December 2010 - Fact Sheet #553).

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