Urban Legend 4: Dog Spots Can Be Prevented by Using Food Supplements that Acidify a Dog's Urine. True or False?

Can we really prevent dog spots with food supplements?


• Dog spots can be prevented by using food supplements that acidify a dog’s urine.
FALSE. Dog spots do not occur because a dog’s urine is alkaline. Products advertised to “naturally” reduce urine alkalinity (including the amino acid, dl methionine, also known as methioform) may cause urinary system problems and can affect calcium deposition in growing bones of younger dogs. The addition of baking soda, potassium citrate and other salts are likewise not recommended as curatives for dog spots. A veterinarian should always be contacted before giving a dog a food supplement known to affect urine pH. There are medically sound reasons for altering urine pH, but the prevention of dog spots in lawns is not one of them. There are no dietary supplements that have been scientifically proven to reduce either the incidence or severity of dog spotting in lawns.
Source: ColoradoStateUniversity Extension for this information (December 2010 - Fact Sheet #553).

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