Winterization Season is Coming to a Close

We’ve got to love Colorado for its majestic mountains and breathtaking landscapes, but the weather… it can be quite unpredictable.
This year, many homeowners along the Front Range will be unpleasantly surprised come Spring with costly sprinkler repair all because they did not winterize their sprinkler system, and got caught with the early freeze which caused extensive damage to their irrigation systems. They may have also forgotten or omitted to take some simple precautions to avoid this situation.

Green Guys offers winterization services packages at seasonal pricing up to October 31. As with most of our landscape and property maintenance colleagues, when November comes around, we consider the “winterization season” pretty much over, and we store our equipment until the following year. Therefore, should you need services in November and later, don’t be surprised to pay a higher rate if whomever you contact agrees to provide you with service.

Don’t delay in scheduling your sprinkler blow-out or winterization as soon as possible. In the meantime, to prevent damage and repair costs ranging anywhere between $200-$1,000+ to your backflow device and other components, follow these easy steps indicated on this link.

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